What Would Michael Do?

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Michael's Dream Foundation is built from the love and inspiration that Michael bestowed upon us his entire life. He gave MDF its heartbeat to continue his work, so lets keep doing that.
With all the sadness and devastation happening to our brothers and sisters and innocent children around the world it leaves the big question WWMD (What would Michael Do) . We know he would be the first to help, no publicity no second thoughts , he would be there. 
So many refugees around the world need our help. Help those that seek help but cannot help themselves, who are we to ignore those in need. Seek out how to help, do what you can and think about those that need food, water and shelter next time you go out to eat or splurge on designer drinks. Do without, give up one luxury to help those that have nothing. Donate to a charity helping the refugees with life supplies. Here are a few to consider, I am sure there are many.https://www.facebook.com/mercycorps

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