What's My Heart's Desires for 2018?

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Welcoming the New Year brought a huge joy to my heart. It didn't only mean saying goodbye to the past but forgetting and moving on to the new year ahead from all the pain and suffering I had gone through with 2017.

Indeed that year was the most horrific at least for me and my husband and I don't know how I survived or how I was able to cope up with the worst things, I know the One above had helped me through and gave me the strength to get through all of that.

Clearly, that year had made me stronger and had reminded me that it is not I who has control over my situation. In addition, it is always God's will that prevails, that I must do nothing but trust His loving grace.


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Thus, for this new year, I thought I may share with you my heart's desires for the upcoming months.


I met great online friends before 2017 ended and these gals plus guys have been very inspirational to me. They provided me with ideas and lots of topics to blog about, even to made me get back to art! Consequently, giving me the freedom to make my own by the things they write about! I also had been encouraged by them to create similar content to what they had posted.

One of them is the Vision Board for 2018.


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What is a vision board?

According to this online vision board making site, www.makeavisionboard.com:

A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal. Literally, a vision board is any sort of board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life.

Yes, it is a display because we need to be clear about our goals and intentions, aspirations and plans. Knowing about it made me realized that I had never made any vision board ever since. I thought I should give it a try and make one so that I have a clear display of what I plan to do for this year.

Thus, the above image was made. Now, let me share with you the points I added here starting from the Eat Healthy counterclockwise.

My Vision Board

Creating my own vision board on Adobe Photoshop brought me back old feelings of cheerfulness from using different digital artistic items such as digital notes and washi tapes! I recall creating my old scrapbook pages! Oh my, I was really encouraged to create yet another page or perhaps a photobook!

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Going back, I used the circle shapes for my board as it signifies infinity, that although I have my set up goals on board, I know there's no limiting myself in this case for a year only. I have to have the infinite mindset that there's always going to be time to continue and move forward.

Eat Healthily


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One of the things that I needed to get back is eating healthy. Boy, the Christmas and New Year celebrations had been full of food, delicacies, sweets even fats that I have to bid bye and turn myself about to what's really providing my body with the nutrients I needed. Sure enough, I had enjoyed every bit of mango float dessert I had eaten and that crispy lechon too but those were not really giving my body the needs it deserves.

In line with that, I have this goal of returning myself to Pescetarianism. I was a pescetarian two years ago. That I don't eat any type of meat except fish and egg then I munch on vegetables and fruits. So far, so good as I am able to resist on these types of viands.

Furthermore, I am also trying to make salads again which had helped me with cravings. Making salads was a fun activity at least for me because of the different colors and vibrancy it contains while knowing that these are giving my body the right nutrients.

Aside from that, I know that when eating these types of food, I will be able to prepare myself for my ultimate goal which is to bear a child again.

Be Back To My Hobbies

Remember when I shared a lot of my calligraphy items and lettering pieces before? Like months ago, I would intend a time in my early morning hours to write pieces of quotes and biblical verses but the past few months had not allowed me to do these things anymore.


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I had busy schedules, late night hours of work that I don't get the right amount of sleep I needed. Thus, I also wake up late in the morning. My own personal devotional time had been skipped as I wake up late and need to rush into preparing again for work.

So, this year, I am doing this conscious effort to get back to these hobbies because they give me the clear mind and guidance as well in my day to day life. Aside from that, I have lots of empty books, journals, and planners which I needed to fill out.

Exercise More Often

Last year, I had developed this morning routine of exercising just inside our home with only dumbbells and kettlebell at hand. This had helped me lose a few pounds and a lot of my friends had noticed that.


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But because I had joined the forces of good eating habits and exercise, I was able to get the results I needed. However, because of the busy schedule during the last few weeks of 2017, I was not able to continue that journey. In fact, I felt like I had regained those pounds again after all the eating.

Which is why, together with going back to my Pescetarianism, I must return to my exercising habits too!


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I recall before that during those months that I had been exercising, I never had any health problems, any colds or fever. But after skipping those, I have a cough and colds. Yet, another reason for me to get back at it as soon as possible.

Help More

October 2017, our savethechildren annual donation series had ended and to stop it, we have to call the organization to stop it. However, my husband and I decided not to.


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This even encouraged us to give more because of the blessings we received even the misfortunes had helped too that we should also be a blessing to others especially to the children of our country.

Aside from savethechildren, we are also looking for different organizations which we can assure that the help we give is put to good causes.

Helping out and supporting these groups will not only give hope to the nation but also it gives ourselves the joy that no material thing could provide.

More Travels

Although my recent operation had hindered us from backpacking, we were still able to get out and explore Cebu. However, this year, as my body is back to its state, around 90%, my husband and I are definitely going back to traveling and backpacking.

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We both thank the Lord for giving me healing and providing me with the needed strength to endure all the pain and the itchiness this operation had caused me. I know it is still a long way to go but I believe in His saving grace and mercy.

Thus, we have already set up a couple of travel locations for 2018. I could only share two for now. First would be Negros near Bacolod, we will surely check those places by February for our wedding anniversary. The second would be Cagayan De Oro by October! Thank God for piso seat sales, I was able to book air tickets for the two of us in only less than two thousand pesos.


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So, there will be more in between travels for sure especially for August as we celebrate our decade of love!

Ultimate Goal: To Have A Child Again

This is so far the ultimate goal for this year but I have not added it to my vision board because I won't be able to manipulate it myself without the will of the Father above.

So I am praying and working for it. Most importantly, I am praying that this time if He is willing, it will be a healthy and successful one.


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How about you? Have you tried making your own Vision Board? Try it out to give you as well your clear goals for this year. And hang it in your room, make it your mobile or desktop wallpaper, use the law of attraction to always encourage you to fulfill those goals.


Blog entry written and published by Jean Beltran-Figues, A Pinas traveler and photography hobbyist, find more travel blogs in my blog section, click here.

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