What's Up with Upshaw? GLITCH!!

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I've been sick for a week, at least.  My medication, when I took it, made me drowsy and lethargic, so I had to wait until my body got used to it. Side effects, phooey!  Well, now I'm at 85%, meaning I can walk without tripping over my own feet, I can hold my head up longer and my brain isn't all cloudy.  Time to get back to work!

The work I'm talking about is, first, my comic "It's Just Plain FUN!" that I started doing for LINE Webtoon.  I started two weeks ago; now it's time to rock again!  I'm also still doing the animated music video for the song "Sweet Harmony" and things are going great there, too.  Fabrizio, the musician who hired me, liked what I did so far but started suggesting changes.  Some I can do but others will mean starting all over again.  I told him so, but I'm willing to compromise.

Then last week, a scandal broke in Northwest Indiana:  Two infant corpses were found in the ceiling of a Gary funeral home, one where I was commissioned to do commercial artwork back in the Nineties.  I emailed them with my condolences and an offer for help repairing their reputation.  A manager suggested a cartoon in "The 411" to show that they're still a quality business, no matter what.  I can do that.

So, I see a lesson here:  Glitches happen.  Life is not a smooth and steady path onward and upward.  I knew that, but I guess I had to be reminded, as do we all.

I leave you now with 41 Ormes Street, the setting for my comic "It's Just Plain FUN!"

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