What's Up with Upshaw? I'm Still Alive!

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Okay, you haven't heard from me in several days, and my falling Buzz Score reflects that.  This blog is to let you know that I am still around.  I'm going through my go-throughs, so I had to, and still have to, deal with life outside the Internet.

Without going into a lot of detail, family, financial and health concerns are what I'm dealing with now.  Unfortunately, I have been dealing with them not always the right ways (overeating, inaction, not reaching out).  Just doing this blog is a big help.  Also, I've two commercial art jobs I've been commissioned to do, so that keeps me busy.

The big focus these days is taking care of myself.  Housekeeping helps a great deal; so does cooking my own meals.Even showering and brushing my teeth matter--all the everyday stuff.

I'm all right--don't  nobody worry 'bout me!


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