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In accordance to the fast growing population of the users at this site, I decided to write this blog to help my fellow bitsers to survive their journey here. Yeah, I used the word "survive" because for my four months of using this site, I have encountered the different types of users here. Some learn to deal with others and others leave this site for good or hence, because they didn't able to handle their selves on how to deal with others. Come and let's tackle them so you can have insights on how you can deal with them.

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I know some could relate and some will be annoyed, but guys, it’s up to you if you think I got bulls eye and unfortunately centered target your heart. : p I do not wish to cleave someone's heart, I just want to share my experience about my being a bitser at



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Bitlanders is a social media site that pays its user in Bitcon.This is just like using FACE BOOK or other social media sites that allow us to communicate or interact with others.Here, you can gain more friends or even an enemy , it is up to you on how you will deal with others.


Communication is essential in our life. We communicate to live, to make connections with others, to share information, to learn, to attract or influence others, to enjoy by means of entertainment and to develop our social life. For more reasons why we need to communicate, just watch the videos below:

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One of the best things that I like to this social media platform is that, we can communicate with others by the use of GLOBAL CHAT. Even though you know the person or not, you can still have the chance to interact.


Talking in reality with friends is much easier BUT not with the person you don't even know. We will feel awkward or shy to start communication sometimes. In this case, the GLOBAL CHAT takes advantage for since we do not see the person personally, through words we can make friends easy. ^_________^, a survival tips for the newbies.

So much for the introduction of GLOBAL CHAT, lets go back to the main topic:, a survival tips for the newbies.

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I prepared my own pseudo names for the group of users that I had met and observed here and at global chat. Try to relate and think for your own moves to deal with them.


1.The Immortals

Hey Hey hey!!!! I know what you are thinking about but please read the following first . I have been using this site for four months, and yes, my first month was the most crucial and made me feel like I joined a Jurassic world (hilarious haha!), even though I am shy, I will say it straight. I focused my eyes to the leader board.

For my first week, I saw the top user which is Minato. I am his fan, in fact, I have read almost all of his blogs and yeah, I feel happy when at least even though I do not make it to the top yet that time, he followed me . Then in the next week , I saw ako-eto  on the top, hehe I used to be proud as Filipino when I saw them before, then, I also noticed saori-sam and  AdGoggleKo took the spot , then Harrrr and jean-beltran. I called them the immortals for I know, if they want, they can be on the top again. and yeah, because they are the immortal, newbies should learn how to be upset and deal with the situation that it is a tough competition if we aimed the top. But then, somehow, I know. In some instances a new name will be placed there.. Well,  good luck.


2. The Observer



Image courtesy of, number of users population are keep on growing everyday. When you go into the global chat, you can see that there is always a new user, but aside from the newbie, if you are a keen observer, you can notice some names that are just online but never interact.I used to know three of them, but I do not have the courage to mention them here in this blog, haha. I am afraid that they will take this seriously. I think they just go there to update themselves for the happenings at this site or maybe just to waste their time. (why do i bothered my self to care anyway? haha). So don't be bothered to them. They are harmless than those who interact, believe me.

3.The Businessmen


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haha! everyone can surely relate, I called them the businessmen for every time I go on the global chat, they always send me private messages for deals. Sometimes I entertained and sometimes I don't because you know, girls are moody. hehe.

Maybe they are under the spell of "earnings through buzzes". They think that through buzzes they will earn fast, but guys, especially to the newbies, Buzz deals is not the basis of our earnings here, remember that is an online platform that pays its users by posting their quality contents. ^___^

Check out some of LookUp 's posts on his micro blogs section. His posts make me laugh sometimes.


khokarjamal69' post

4.The Snobbers


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I do not belong them to my observers list because this case is different. I called them the snobbers because they snob obviously the other day, they will talk to you and the next day, they will no longer know you and will ignore you for the rest of the days, months and maybe until forever, haha. I have encountered some and I feel like I want to go outside their screen and poke them and tell them! hey! this is me, the one you consult for your concerns here. Now what? Do you want me to introduce myself again? . ( I will just going to smile , for these words are just running in my head every time. haha)

5.The Wise

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I can say that everyone is great and wise, but I don’t want you guys to get me wrong. I called them the wise, because there are some users who will ask for deals that after you did, they will leave you hanging. Wait for them . Well, feel lucky if these people just got delayed for their so-called buzzed back. Some intentionally do that, the one they called as a cheater. Be careful. And don't be pissed off if this happened to you. That's life.

6. Friendly Bitsers

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may be some will make you upset, some will make you feel awkward but there is always a bitser who will guide you, talk to you and entertained you when you feel alone. Try to  find her and for sure you will never forget her . and aside from her, there are a lot of bitsers who are friendly, just continue interacting at the GLOBAL CHAT for your to figure out who they are.


7. The Newbies or bitlanders' Babies

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Well, I can’t say a lot for I am not belong to the people who are under the spell of first impressions. So welcome to the world of bitlanders. Just in case you see this girl at the global chat, approach her, she will not kill you, I promise.



The best way to stay long at this site is to enjoy. Enjoy your stay here guys, interact, buzz, read and post stuffs. Don't let your self to go here just to earn, make sure you enjoy, the more you enjoy using this site, the more you will want to stay and the more you will earn.

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The above video shows us how to use and earn to this site but for those who want a brief and short guidelines, just make sure to make the following as your routine


If you have any concerns about, don't hesitate to ask. You can hit me up anytime in private chat for some of your concerns and i will try my best to provide you the information you need. Smile Happy earnings!!!


 Note: this is my original work, please don't plagiarize.


Thanks for reading!

--> Shaiera

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