What's Up with Upshaw? Starting Over...Again and Again

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This November is the season of new beginnings for me.  For starters, I'm moving back to my parents' house in East Chicago to help out because they are getting older and slower.  I'm going to help them with physical tasks (housework, carrying heavy loads, etc.).  It's the least I can do since they've helped me in so many ways over the years--in more ways than I can remember.  It'll be great to pay them back.

Another new beginning came by accident--someone else's fault, not mine.  I took my laptop in to be serviced in town because the guy only charged $35.  He did such a thorough job, he wiped everything off my computer!  And, silly me, I didn't back anything up!  Well, I thought, I wanted to do my artwork over anyway.  I got new, free software; I reinstalled others.  Now I need to find a free service to back my files up!

My last new beginning is my new website, www.shesladytooner.weebly.com.  Weebly is a hosting site with an easy free first website--all one has to do do is drag-and-drop things in the pages.  There are paid upgrades available, but for now I'm sticking with the free site--simpler that way.

I'll let you know my progress as time goes by.




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