When it is the right time to say "I Love You"

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The three little words "I Love You" are simple magical. We say these words to ones whom we love.When a boy and a girl start dating, it is not on the first date that they start telling each other these words, and if the either one of the two makes a rush to say these words, there is quite a big probability that he or she will get a negative response.

Following are the some signs that will help you decide the time to tell your date that you love them without letting them hurt your feelings.

When they understand you

Care for you

Are good listeners

Are happy when you are around

Compliments you

Once you're ready to say "I love you" say it loud and say it proud .Everyone wants to know ,feel and hear they are loved.


*** Cute Love Quote ***

"When I saw you , I was afraid to meet you..When I met you, I was afraid to kiss you...When I kissed you, I was afraid to love you...Now that I Love You , I am afraid to lose you."


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