Where is Ballz the Spammer Ceasar?

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Spammers are alive and they're kicking real hard! I hate spammers, I definitely do, I have seen a lot of sites that had gone down to memories because of those foul spammers. They just can't live without sending repetitive messages all of their lives, they are peace breakers. I admit I may get additional points or additional buzzes from them but that's an empty point.

While checking out on the accounts of bitLanders' admin moderators, I came along Ballz, he is the main one who suspends those who spam and can see he is definitely serious about taking out those spammers from this site with that look on his profile but then I noticed that he had commented on a post six months ago. After that, nothing I guess since I couldn't seem to see any more activity on his page.

I wonder if he is still working on deleting or suspending the evil ones here in the site as I am still seeing them in a day to day basis posting the same old buzz me buzz you thingy. My inbox wasn't able to escape the spammer too!
Ceasar. (Verb) The act of gutting someone, wrapping their intestines around their neck, anchoring.


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