White day

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Today , March 14 , is  WHITE  DAY . I heard that Japan , South Korea  and other East Asian countries celebrate  WHITE DAY , a day when men return Valentine favors to women . Unlike in western cultures where couples exchange their mutual love on Valentine's Day , in these countries the holiday is considered a day of WOMEN to show their love and appreciation for men by handing out chocolates and small gifts  . In return , men are expected to return the favor a month later ....... And that its today , March 14 .


WHITE  DAY has its origin in late 1970s Japan when a local confectionery company in Japan started to market the idea with  MARSHMALLOWS , calling it  MARSHMALLOW  DAY  . Now  , the day is widely celebrated with gifts  varying from candies  and  flowers  ,  to more expensive fancy dinners and jewelry . 


MARSHMALLOW  DAY  evolved into  WHITE   DAY  and  developed its own traditions -- chiefly  that if a man hopes his White Day gift will be received as an expression of love it must  be more extravagant  than the initial  Valentine's Day gift.





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