White is the prettiest color.

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Almighty Allah has beautifully painted the picture of world with different colors. Smashing sun with yellow color , high and vast sky with blue color, tall trees with green and brown color and many more. These all colors together make our world so beautiful and attractive. One cannot imagine the world without colors.

Among all colors white color is so special and sober color. It is the symbol of peace,sacrifice, purity and innocence. It is a brilliant color and in many western countries brides use white color to wear in their marriage ceremonies, and in old times white animals like lambs were slaughter for the forgiveness of sins. In Muslim countries when Muslims die they are buried in white shroud name as “Kafan”.



White color also symbolizes the cleanliness. As all of us know that if the things like dishes, towels and refrigerators etc are pure white are expected to be clean. White is the traditional color of the coats of scientists and doctors. Most of the chefs also wear pure white color so it is always associated with cleanliness.

White is present in the flag of Pakistan here it shows the population of non Muslims in the country. No doubt white color is the symbol of purity millions of Muslims wears white color when they go to Mecca for “Hajj” or pilgrimage. In churches popes wear white clothes here it symbolizes the innocence. In Japan there is one temple whose white gravel indicates the sacred place.


White color lights up all the other colors. When white beam of sun splits up it gives the seven colors, red,orange,yellow,green,indigo,blue and violet. White color has many shades and tones like, snow, chalk white, antique white and ghost white , its every shade is prettiest and fabulicious . It is associated with each and every thing in the world which makes it so special and lovable.

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