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Since retiring, sometimes get a CALLS FROM COLLEAGUES, I just heard about health questions. Generally, such as: How are you NOW? Do your health OK? How about your FAMILY?

After that they always advise me that with my old age should walk every day . Each day must walk approximately 1,2 hours, that walking is good for   my health and of course the longer of life expectancy. My wife often remind me the same

I intend to listen to my wife, eat less meat, drink less alcohol, more walking, etc. But this morning I read an article on internet  about health and I want to send it to the readers, the other elder  that want to extend  longevity. 


The Article is summarized as follows:


1. If indeed walking and cycling is good for health, the mailer will make immortal.

2. The Whale swimming in the water all day, just eat microorganisms and salt water. Nevertheless, day after day, it still fatter and fatter  

3. The Rabbits run and jump all day all night , but it life is about  10 years.

4. The Turtle is only idle lying down, doing nothing but it life can extend to 450 years old

Now, my wife and my friends  advise me to do exercise every day

REALLY, where is the right way , may my bitlader friends can help me ???JJ

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