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As we all know that its The month of Moharam and what was happended on the 10TH of this month we all are very well informed about that but there are hardly few people among us who knows that what was happened on the very first day of this month about 1400 years back…do you know that.? May be youranswer is YES or may be NO.

Ok fine let me tell you it is death anniversary of the guy whom we all know with the name of UMER IBN KHITAB (R.A) who was gifted by Allah to Holy Prophet PBUH… On the initial stage of Islam, it was very hard for Muslim living in MAKKAH to offer their prayers openly but when the day he embrace Islam was the day when People of Makkah who were converted to Islam started praying openly in Masjid E Haram (KHANA KHABA)… Ummer R.A was basically from one of the most nobel families of Makkah, a brave and tough guy with lots of guts so when he announced ISLAM there was no one from Non Muslims to fight or argue with him and that became the opportunity for Muslims to offer their prayers to GOD ALMIGHTY freely.

When R.A became the Caliph of Muslims, he was the one who took responsibility of every individual living under his territory. He introduced many new concepts which are being followed even after 1400 years in almost 245 countries of this world which is a great tribute to this Guy because following his actions and commands knowingly or unknowingly,willingly or unwillingly this world is appreciating his contributions towards the formation of a civilized society… Most the scholars have declared Alexander as world’s most biggest and wise ruler ever but in my view and on the basis of many formations what I believe is that Umer R.A was much bigger than Alexander of GREECE…

1st fact about this was the area which was conquered by both of them

Alexander conquered around 1.7 million square kilometers while Umer R.A conquered around 2.2 million square kilometers…
Both of them did that in almost 10 years of different time periods…e.g Alexander around 323 B.C while UMER R.A around 600 AC or 650 AC…

Alexander did that with the help of an organised army while did that with unorganized army because on the very initial staged of Muslim rule, Muslims didn’t have any army…

2nd fact is the command and control system of UMER R.A over his state machinery when he dismissed the leader of his armed forces Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed R.A, there was no one to stand against his orders while on the other end when Alexander was willing to move forward in Hindustan, he was left with very few soilders with him because most of the soilders left him as there was a very long time they had spent in their homes…
Umer R.A established an independent accountability system for the Governors he appointed at that time and that was the reason that his state survived even after his death while Alexander’s empire was fallen within after 5 years of his death…

other than these major points…

It Was Umer R.A who

He adopted a complete court system where even he himself was answerable.
He introduced the idea of Jail Systems for criminals.
He introduced the Canal System for agriculture and irrigation system.
He first time made the Army FOB’s (Forward operating bases) and laid the foundation of a military departments and a complete organization system.
He first time in the world ordered to gave funds and benefits and appointed regular salaries for infants and widows.
He first time in the world introduced the Post office system.
He first time ordered to wear uniforms for Police.

On his table there was never served two dishes for him he eated only one dish. He was used to lay down and rest during the travel on the earth and make a pillow of his elbow or bricks. There were many patches on this dress, he was used to wear thick and rough clothes.
Whenever he appointed any governor he advised him that never ride or sit on a Turkish horse (was used for a status symbol for rich peoples), and don’t wear thin clothes , don’t eat screened flour , do not keep guard on the door so he can’t stop anybody coming for complaints - He was used to say that a leader who do justice sleep fearless-
On his official seal it was written… “Umar - remember death is sufficient for Advice”

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