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"A Sound Body has a Sound Mind" 


 Lets start here!

Recently, Micky (Administrator / Monitor of Global Chat) announced a new double reward topic "Blog about Sports and Social Good!". This time bitlanders want users to talk about sports and its social impact.

The blog I will discuss today have two parts, the first one is "SPORTS" and the second one is "SOCIAL GOOD". Now before coming to first part of my blog i.e. sports, I would like to remind you all about the quote that I mentioned at the top / start of my blog "A sound body has a sound mind"This universal proverb depicts the importance of a sound/healthy body. Surprisingly the quote I mentioned here also two parts and the first one is about healthy body and the second one is healthy mind. On focusing again, we will find that the second part is dependent of first part. So, we conclude that only those people have healthy mind who have healthy body. 

Why I gave this example? I quoted this example because healthy body / mind is acquired by sports and healthy activities. But now a days, we see that the world is in a race of excelling in education. Parents want their children to work hard for success and they give stress to study. The importance of education cannot be ignored, but there are many reasons that sports are important for education.


 The Real Importance of Sports by SEAN ADAMS

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  1. Physical Fitness 
  2. Builds a Habit
  3. Dedication
  4. Team Spirit
  5. ETC.

Now lets discuss these points details to understand what impact they put in our lives.




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 For me the first and the best benefit we get from sports is our physical fitness. A sports person is a healthy one due to his exercise and training. Physical fitness is very important in our lives, without it it is not possible to do all the work with ease. Such as, education is also not possible without having a physical fitness, because a weak student cannot give proper time to his studies, he feels lazy and sick to do his daily routine works. Play is also important with work. A student who is very good in maintaining these both qualities is successful rather than those who only work or play. A great proverb tells us that sports or play is as important as education " All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy".


No.1: Builds a Habit

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Habit is one of the main thing in any activity. If we develop a habit for doing something then are chances of positive results. Good habits like doing sports or proper exercise training is a key to achieve our goals. So, how can we develop a habit? really its very tough work to take something as regular practice for all the time. we have to put really hard struggle to reach it. 

In my opinion, parents can play a vital role to grow good habits in their children. They look after their children on regular basis, look after them, guide them and teach them to learn good things in life for a successful career ahead. This supervision can be handy for the children when come to their real life,means in professional or family life. If there would be good habits lying in them as created by their parents, they will handle the hurdles or difficulties of  life. 

Now I think that sports playing students or children have habits of daily routine. They know to do things in time for getting better results. This is why they have better chances to diagnose and face the hardships in life. Sports make children rough and tough to face any uncertainty. This is really a good sign in terms of sports. 


 No. 3: Dedication

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Coming to my third point about benefits of sports "Dedication". As like all other attributes of sports activity dedication is also one of the most important factor. We cannot reach our goals without dedication. 

Sports creates a sense of firmness and dedications in children. They learn how to become dedicated about some task. Forgetting the failure they put their all real efforts in getting/reaching a particular goal. Success can only be get with dedication. A true a pure hard work is also get through by this nice attribute of sports. If a student in class is really dedicated with his studies, then no force can stop him from being successful. After selecting a goal we put our all efforts to reach it, this is called dedication. Only sportsmen have this quality of dedication. 


No. 4: Team Spirit

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Sports are also very important to create a good team spirit among children. Those who play games or sports learn the value of team spirit. Daily routine works can be done with more effectiveness by this value. This is a skill and can only be get with pure hard work keeping someone in real frame of games. 

The cooperation is get through this and then we learn to help each others. As Team spirit is also get when we work in a group, so then we also know about each other very well. We can solve many issues of our mates. 



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 On part of factors mentioned above we can learn that sports are very important in our lives. We should encourage to spread the spirit to participate in sports. We should develop a sense of love for sports among the children. So that, they can come to this very helpful activity.

Now, sports not only give us health benefits but also give us social importance too. A sportsman does has a good image in a society. People love to meet him. He/she gets a high status in a society. 

Sportsmen can be a really motivator for a society also. They can develop a sense of winning and positive approach in them, Because a sportsman is a role model for everyone, so people love to follow him. So a good sportsman can bring good changes in peoples, hence directly in the society. 

Thats why I think sportsmen as Key of success for a society. We also that in the world those nations are successful who create good sportsman. Good countries always support sports and they know that by playing this they will get a good results. 



Choosing a sport is really a basic step. We cannot force someone to play a specific sport. This is why parents should come forward to learn that what sports are there in which children are taking good interest. After knowing the fact, they must support and help their child to understand that game. Schools must also encourage children to play supports according to their moods and liking. 

On contrary, if you put some child by force to play a sport, we cannot get good results. Sports create results when played by hearts and soul.



A recently introduced feature of survey chat in bitlanders is doing really a good job. People are sharing their thoughts and also getting others opinions also about some specific thing. Bitlanders is also promoting this new feature among their users to come forward to take part in feature by putting their own questions in chat. We can ask from users about anything to take some positive or negative results from other users. 

Today's topic was also taken from survey chat. The great rewarding platform wants users to write about sports and their good in social life. I took it as an opportunity and did my job. You all should also take part too. THANKS  



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