Why Bitlanders is One of the Best Blogging Platforms Out There

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Why BitLanders is One of the Best Blogging Platforms Out There

Blogging for Cash

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Blogging has been around for more than a decade, and many people earn a living from it. Some do it for the kicks, while for others, it has been a source of income and outlet for their expertise, experience, and entertainment.

If you really want for your blogs to be your source of your main income, you can follow her advice:

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There were many blogging sites back then, most notably Blogger, and then Xanga, Livejournal and others who didn't live long. They probably didn't because of being less user-friendly or some mis-marketing, but Blogger is still on top, with Wordpress coming in second and Tumblr.

Another reason was because on these undead (Xanga, livejournal, etc) blogging sites, you cannot incorporate earning schemes for your content. People had the need to feel rewarded and recognized for what they do, especially if it is monetary gain. 

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Still, money coming in from writing content would take a few years and some elbow grease. There are some factors that you should add to your blogging campaign if you really want to earn decent amount of cash out of blogging. In blogging for cash, more visitors from your site means more money. So among these are:


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There are software which determine through their algorithm if an article has been copied somewhere along the web. However, apps like Copyscape have tight regulations if an article is deemed copied or not. In Copyscape, if there are 4 successive words in your article matching another one, you'll be flagged for it; it's that tight. The workaround is to paraphrase or reword about 3 articles and combine it to one concise writeup, which web content writers do.

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Search engines value originality and disdain plagiarism, so if they detect another article with exact wordings from another article, there's a high chance Google would discard it in the search results.

Topic Niche

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In blogging, there is something called topic niches, and you should follow it because it is friendlier with search engines than babbling about random things. A topic niche is a closely related set of topics in a category. The web categorizes what your writeup is all about, and you should be consistent about writing stuff relating to that category.

If you pick Technology as your topic niche, your articles should relate to Technology. If you want to write all about hair and make up, it is a Beauty topic niche and you should be consistent about posting stuff about it.


It is friendlier to a search engine if you post content in a consistent basis, like weekly or twice a week. The more your site have fresh content, the higher you can be indexed on a SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

This is the usual scheme, but old posts can be ranked higher, especially if the article is of good quality. So on top of publishing weekly content, you should also write it with lots of valuable information and that is also audience-centered. That is, if you want to make money from blogging.


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75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results.

- from HubSpot.com

Here's why SEO, or Search Engine Optimization comes to play. One step in order for your content to have a high rank on the search results is through inputting specific keywords in your articles or on your tags. There are online sites which you can check for "hot" keywords, which is a group of words mostly typed in a search engine's search bar. If your content contains these "hot" keywords, there's a good chance your article will be indexed high on the search result.

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But it doesn't stop there. Because of so many people writing the same topic niche with the same information and keywords, the competition can be high. If you want surpass these wannabes, work smart by picking "hot" keywords with low competition. Many keyword tools sites include these in their searches.

There are other blogging strategies and tips covered in this video:

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But BitLanders Breaks 'Em All...

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Yes, I'm serious, but not everything though. While BitLanders also push for original content and even penalize offenders, paraphrasing and even quoting isn't that strict here. You can copy and paste an entire About Us page and insert it in a quote, and it won't be considered plagiarism. I'm not sure why they allow it, but articles written in BitLanders still turn up in Google's SERP. Pretty neat, eh? But you should put in mind to write a BitLanders blog in your own words, even if the same information can be found around the internet. I don't encourage plagiarism in any form whatsoever.

You can also write about any topic you want in BitLanders (except prohibited content). In my first few blogs here, I've written about prepping topics; next thing I know, I was writing restaurant reviews! You can be diverse here because let's be honest, we have many things inside our heads that we want to write about and also some hobbies we would want to share our experience from. BitLanders allow us such freedom in one blog account without ever having to worry about getting paid for our literary efforts.

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While it is true that you can do this on other article writing sites such as HubPages, you can't monetize easily on the said site. You need to pass their rigorous standards before even applying for Google Adsense or some other affiliate marketing programs to make money. In BitLanders, you are still rewarded even if you don't consistently submit blog posts (provided that you do the daily quest, which is cakewalk). What's more is that you can write about personal stuff like fangirling and relationship issues and still gain equal profit from it. There's no discrimination or profit rate according to the topic niche here in BitLanders.

Moreover, here in BitLanders, your cash reward doesn't solely rely in how many people view your blogs, so you won't have to worry much about SEO, even ranking or web presence. You still need good and relevant tags for every blog post you write in here, but things such as keyword density and keyword placement don't really have much ground in determining your blog's rating on this site.

There are many other factors as to why BitLanders is one of the best blogging platforms that I haven't touched in this article like anonymity, survey chat integration and such. I made a Querlo interactive trivia chat to cover some of these factors. Querlo is a fun and informative way to interact with your readers, at the same knowing what they, the readers, want. Because of the serious tone of this blog post, I attempted to tickle your funny bones with this Querlo chat:

Querlala for BitLanders

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Did You Know?

copyscapePhoto credit: screenshot via Querlo

That your bitLanders account can serve as your Querlo account, as long as you register through email? Log in to Querlo.com and try it for yourself! You can then make your own quirky Querlo chat (with a bit of know-how on how flowcharts work).

This is my entry to the "My Querlo, My Blog" Double Buzz Bonus Rewards Contest as blogged about by Micky "The Slanted" Salerno. Thanks for reading!


Disclaimer: Though contributed by other netizens online (photo credit as a link below the animated image), Minions and Despicable Me are original properties of Universal Pictures. Other pictures edited as gif image and included in the Querlo chat have a link below serving as photo credit to the source. This article is originally written by lapiz-lazuli


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