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When i registered with Film Annex in June 25 it was an invitation from a group of email list but what attracted me with the site was it's paying members with "Bitcoin". Since i am an early adopter of new technology and raising my number of bitcoins i became a member.  And also knowing that Film Annex was a social media site,  it is i believe to be the "first social media site i encountered  that is using bitcoin to pay its members" which is a pioneering one.

On my first few days on Film Annex i tried to surf the site and try to learn from the guides from the FAQ.  But what helps me a lot is the subscription a member Dgeary who give and post  some links about how to start with film annex, how to raise the buzz score,  how to post a blog, micro blogs, install movies which are all on the FAQ.  I became more active on subscribing , following co members, buzzing and giving some comments.

Its almost one month now , i am excited to be more active with Film Annex. I found out from searching  that the members of Film Annex is about 325,000+ users these are a lot of users and readers at the same time. In these one month i had increase my buzz score to 31 with bitcoin = 0.01031834 here's  the statistics ;

There are a lot more room for development and  higher earnings to reach my first cashout.

In these first month i observed that there are members who are not active, some active and had a lot of buzz scores though i am amazed and confused at the same time because of the wide range of topics, post, images and movies.  I cannot foretell or  guest the reason why members ever register with Film Annex. Since i am blogging about bitcoin on my blogsite i noticed that there are few membrs  who discuss about the new technology. Majority i would say are not familiar with the new internet of money. Probably that would be of interest to all the members.  But aside from these whom many are still unfamiliar  i still want to know what members could say  on  " Why do register with Film Annex"  I hope this can start a discussion .

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