Why G.I.V.E. Is Great

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Watching these young soldiers and their comments about Afghanistan it makes you really appreciate everything that we have.  It also makes you wonder about the waste that is happening in that country.  There is no doubt that the initial idea of ending the terrorist threat by modernizing Afghanistan is a noble goal, but in reality it is a goal that has failed.  When you listen to the outlook of those that have been there and dealt with the people, there are very few who believe the country will ever enjoy real change.  
Why would they, the Taliban is apparently laying low and waiting for the inevitable United States exit from their country. 
The G.I.V.E. initiative, meaning Global Initiative for Veteran Entrepreneurship, which is working to provide opportunities for veterans returning from combat.  Allowing former soldiers to use their skill sets to run new businesses.  The ultimate mission is to re-introduce war veterans to society and help them make their business ideas a reality.  
Listen to the stories of the soldiers below and tell me if they are not worthy of our support at home.  
After World War II their was a GI Bill that sent veterans to school and allowed them to start businesses as well.  Creating something good out of something difficult.  This opportunity exists for us today.  These incredible individuals, and their immense skills can be harnessed to increase our societies' ability to thrive in a global market and to display that we know how to take care of our own.


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