Why I love western movies!

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In today's society we are seeing a lot of action, comedy and reality television shows and movies. These movies are filled with sexual content and drug usage. My opinion about this content will be covered in another blog I am working on. So why in this day and age, do I prefer western movies?


I love the scenic view that westerns capture! From the open ranges to the mountains and small town there is a lot of nature to be seen. This natural view of the land is beautiful and calming for me, especially seeing how much they need and care for the land. 


Westerns portray hard work and dedication. Weather the plot be about a quest, the ranch, outlaw or another theme, these characters stand up for what they believe in. I think this is an admiral moral that compliments these movies. 


The tough and conservative nature that the female characters have! With most western being set in the 19th century, most of these ladies have a little more respect for their bodies. They also know how to use a gun and stand up for themselves. Some movies even show women as the main character, such as being a bandit or defending the ranch.

Trying to watch a movie with family or friends is sometimes difficult. It's especially difficult if you have a wide age group that are into different movies. So, it is difficult to find something that everyone enjoys watching. With westerns having different plots, they is sure to be one that everyone can agree on. Westerns are also a genre that is in my opinion, is kid friendly. As I don't want my kids to watch a movie with sexual intentions, violence or drug use. Though some westerns do have violence, it's not as horrifying for the child as other violent movies. This also applies to the older generations as well. Personally, the older people I know (and I prefer to hangout with older people) don't want to watch movies about drugs, violence or sexual intent. They don't want to see these movies with girls showing their body to everyone! Westerns are appropriate for any age group!

All of the pictures I used in this post are from my favorite set of westerns. Lonesome Dove has many different stories to tell and great actors.


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