Why Most People Quit in Bitlanders

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There are lots of people quitting in the site lately. Well, just like me referrals on the site. They stop working in the site. One of the reason is they expect to much with the site. They know that bitcoin do have a value which is higher than the US dollar. That’s one of the good advantages of bitcoin, but what they expect exceeds what the site have to offer. You cannot really make any big money on the site. This site is not my main source of income. The site gives me the power to share the information on my mind and generating little monetary values. This is good.

There’s no pressure like in an office which if you made a mistake, expect some consequences. The site is a way for me to relax and give a better way to send suggestions and comments that some readers will agree and maybe the site can deliver them to the person who is the main topic of the blog. Overall, I will stay in this site. I enjoyed the site. What my simple ideas can generated without forcing me to think of anything. This is an open platform and in this simple activities, I can also help other people through micro donations. Wow, that is truly rewarding. Sharing my earnings here in Bitlanders is a great way to help other people out even if I’m not that rich. The spirit of sharing is still working in the modern age with the use of the site. I will not quit in using the site. All of the active people should do what they are doing right now. There’s no good reason to quit this site in my own opinion.

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Jose Godofredo Tuliao is the man behind the metal bands like Severe Metastasis, Soulcrusher, StormTroopers, Haemangioma and Andromeda Blood. Jose is the owner of the underground metal label BeyondtheGrave Records(http://www.facebook.com/beyondthegraverecords ).For some news, please visit http://www.severemetastasis.tk for any band related news and articles. I make this Bitlanders account to connect…

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