Why not all humans are same????

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This question seems quite ludicrous but if you take it serious then in actual you will start thinking about it, and more you observe the things more you get teased. But this is the way things going on!

At least for me it is quite hard to see how one certain class of humans is leading extra ordinary life, every thing is exaggerated in their lives, and everything is beyond limits. And on the other hand some are leading such life which is hard and difficult to think even. Then I ask who has made this imbalance???

Why humans are feared of humans, why they are “their-self” are source of destruction and catastrophe? Why there is no humanity in so called human. Why every one is feared of one another? Why there are only hollow  relations and not feelings? Why things are in the way they are?

Why everyone is running crazily, destroying every thing that comes in his away? Why materials are getting more and more important than humans? Why in accidents we shout only for the damage of our vehicle, nor for wounded one? Why we only have love things, not for the ones without which things even become useless? Really, humans are cheaper than the cheap things?

Is the aim of our creation, and to bind us in relations was for that? In what directions are we going? What goals have we settled for us? Moreover, most importantly, have we any idea about the consequences?

I will not give the answer to all these questions, because I have heard “to tell is to destroy an to suggest is to create”.

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