Why one must not commit SUICIDE

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We all aware of the famous actor Robin Williams who recently took his own life, this news shocked the whole world maybe because we all knew Robin is a funny guy(comedian)  and seems impossible for him to commit suicide. Well, suicide chooses no one depression, anxiety and other risk factor can affect everyone of us, but it is how we handle and overcome it.

Why we must not commit suicide? Mainly because life is beautiful in many ways. Taking your own life doesn't help at all do you think you solved the problem by doing so? Of course not. You think you ended up the pain? actually you are just passing it to someone who loves you, your family, friends etc. And remember what if you committed suicide and yo were able to survive? does it help in anyways? not at all right?

There is a story about a man who wanted to jump over a rooftop and a priest came over and told him, "son before I let you jump, please tell me all the good things about your life" and after 3 hours the man isn't done yet mentioning good things in life. After then the man cried and decided not to jump. YES! we can't count all the good things we have Life is too good to waste.

NO one should be in pain, Everyone should love themselves.- Gerard Way




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