Why outer space is black

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What does an astronaut see form his spaceship? What dose outer space looks like to him?


He sees blackness around him at all time. The star is bright sports in the darkness. The nearest

Star, our san, is so bright that  it could blind  him he looks at it only through windows that demits light the astronaut can see the earth clearly .the planets mercury ,vanes, mars, Jupiter ,and Saturn are very bright. He can also see many man satellites. They stand out brightly against the blackness.

But why dose space itself looks black? To find the answer, first tank about what kind of things we can see only those thing from which light.

The things we see either make their own light or reflect light. For example the stars, braining candles, and electric bulbs make light,, the moon, trees, and pieces of paper reflect light.

The drawings on this page shows how light reaches our egos in these two ways light travels everywhere in space all the time. We see it only when we look at a star when it is reflected from some object when we no light reaches our eyes, we say that we ‘see’ blackness or darkness. The blackness is not a color it is the lock of all light in outer space, object are very far port, the stars the

Astronaut sees are millions of miles from him and from each other. he also sees a few people such as moon the reflect light. But moist of the space around him is empty of object .so , space looks black to him…….        

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