Why Truth hurts the most?

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Who doesn't want to do the angelic talk on the need of always being truthful. Never lie, always be truthful, they say. We all want to be. But the hard reality is that truth hurts.

Why? Why does it have to be?


Firstly, we all are scared to tell truth when you fear that the person who needs to hear it might be hurt. This is why we end up telling what we convince ourselves to be a "white" lie. A lie so white and pure that it can only bring happiness and peace.

But for how long?

That is the part we all quite often forget.

Truth needs to be told. Irrespective of the consequence. Irrespective of who it might hurt. If you have made a mistake, own up for it by telling the truth regardless. This is the best way to transcend from your current life to a life of peace and happiness for as long as your mortal life will be here on this planet.

Denial : Denial or the lack of willingness to accept the reality on the part of the person who is subjected to it is the main factor why hearing the truth hurts the most. We have our own ideas of how the world needs to be and that quite often does not match with reality. This hurts us. Sometimes a little less but quite often very painfully.

Fear : Fear creeps in an individual when he is in his comfort zone. Fear of the uncertain, fear of the future adds up to why a person cannot listen to the truth that he is not ready to face. This is never a solution. We need to know that things cannot remain the same forever. Things change, people change.

Acceptance: Acceptance or lack of acceptance adds up to why we delve ourselves in pain upon coming face to face with the truth that we do not want. We need to remember that our destiny, our fate is not in our hands. We can and we should try to make it the way we want but cannot be bent upon making that to be the only course of our life. At some point, we need to accept that life is after all very similar to a movie. No matter how much we go up, the ending might just be the same.

So live your life. Accept changes. Be open to ideas. Have the courage to plow through when tough times are upon you.

Have a great day!


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