Wiki Loves Earth Competition 2015

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The Wiki Loves Earth contest, organised by the Wikimedia Foundation, has chosen Zaeem Siddiq's photo from Lower Kachura Lake, a popular tourist destination in Central Karakoram National Park, Skardu, Pakistan as the best international picture for the year 2015. The global 2015 edition has seen more than 8,500 contestants participating from 26 countries, with over 100,000 photo submissions throughout the month of May. From Pakistan alone, over 1500 contestants chipped in from across the country to submit more than 11,000 photographs; making it the country with the fourth largest number of submissions and second largest in the number of participants. The prize for the winner includes a trip to attend the Wikimania 2016 conference in Esino Lario, Italy, with paid travel and accommodation expenses.

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