Will This Man Be America’s Next President? by Ambassador mo

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Herman Cain was thought to be on a book tour dressed into a presidential campaign. Then, rather suddenly all other Republican/Tea Party favorites went flat. Cain looked a bit like Obama, but with a definite right wing message. Whether he is now second choice because of others’ failure (like Rick Perry or Michelle Bachmann) or because some want to appear as not racist or because others will never vote for a Mormon (Mitt Romney and John Huntsman are both Mormons), Cain now faces the role of having to take himself more seriously. Anything but to Vote for a Mormon! So far he has managed better by being the verbal sword of the Christian/political right in America. Because a large segment of fundamentalist Christians views Mormons as non-Christian or even a “cult” (as was famously asserted by one of Rick Perry’s religious supporters while introducing that candidate over the weekend at a political rally), some may in fact view Cain’s number 2 standing in polls behind Mitt Romney as making him likely favorite among Republican base that is most likely to come out and vote in the primaries. Are Wall Street Protester’s “un-American”? Cain has rejected the “cult” characterization but refused to accept Mormons as Christians. He has been even less charitable to Muslim Americans. He has called “Occupy Wall Street” protesters as “un-American,’ and as driven by jealousy of other people’s jobs and successful capitalists’ millions. Herman Cain has never held public office and his greatest claim to legitimacy as American leader is as a successful capitalist - a CEO – of a pizza chain restaurant – employing the brand name of “Godfathers.” And yes, Herman Cain does not believe that anyone in America today is held back by racism. However, the opportunity to employ stereotypes that may be offensive to Italians or Mormons or Muslims or gays or labor union or protesters does not make America free of bigotry or certainly not stereotyping. It only exhibits that equal opportunity extends to all of its citizens to apply stereotypes to others. If Herman Cain is to become the real thing though he will have to grow beyond his cheesy caricature! From a slice of the American Dream now Cain aspires to the whole pie. It would be good for him to remember that what is a personal success story is not necessarily reflected in the lives of others who may not have had the good fortune to turn pizza into wealth and political currency. (PHOTO – Herman Cain: from a slice to the whole pie). America is undoubtedly the best for opportunity and tolerance, but it does not mean that it is perfect in its record in the past or now or most critically that it delivers on its promise of equality and opportunity to all its citizens. Also, success should not be defined by becoming a millionaire. Rather, in America’s economic context it should translate to a more middle class designation, health care, education, a retirement account from predatory capitalism and most fundamentally that having a job means being able to live above the poverty line (which is not the case for millions of working Americans). PREVIOUS POST on – “Governor Chris Christie- Will This Man be America’s Next President?” - diplomaticallyincorrect.org/films/blog_post/will-this-man-be-americas-next-president-by-ambassador-mo/35821 PREVIOUS POST on – “Will This Man Be America’s Next President (Barak Obama)?” - diplomaticallyincorrect.org/films/blog_post/will-this-man-be-americas-next-president-photo-tells-the-story-by-ambassador-mo/35210 By Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey

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