Will you decide if you are Muslim

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Today, that I'm talking to you all will be seen what will feel themselves, you may not feel like it, as I've noticed. First of all I tell the meaning of a Hades "is a Hades tradition which implies that they are from the same nation, which resemble the option"

Now we come to our point that it has become a habit that we our days of one another, good morning, good night, and many of the words in the same way. Among us in our home, in the streets. The same words are used in schools everywhere. Do you feel it? Do they use in terms of Islam? "We can say it is Islam?

Our older people were less individual written but still very close of Islam, they knew what was right and wrong. But today we do not see the same environment we're in now, we can address.

In Islam, we have been told that other Muslims as a prayer of greeting. Now you have to decide yourself what right and wrong. And its not mean that I am saying wrong for others but its not our culture its not our fashion to say that. Our Islam said when you meet one another then you say Assalm.o. alikum. Its also a pray for other. Think positive Do positive

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