Without Love Life is nothing

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Love is a dark and infinite feelings in this world and no one person can't measure the feelings of love.


But there are some limits for the love with your girlfriend and should always adopt right way in the love with your friend.


For the love, Trust, caring, Truth and importance are the important parts. Trust is basic component of the love. Whole relation depends on the love and it shows about your faith about your girl friend. If Trust will finish then your relationship will finish in the few moments and it is fact.


Always speak the truth with your friend because your truth will be helpful for the happiness of your friend or when you are lier then it will really hurts to your partner.


Always be sincere and caring with your friend. Like should go for the outing and should notice that your friend is happy and sad because caring is most important in the up and down moments of the life and should bring some gifts for your friends because these activities show that you are fair with your friend.


So we can say a Love is complex path in this world and it is made from happiness and sadness but it makes life enjoyable.


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