Woman-The beauty of world

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Woman is the strength of society which outfit it with her great and marvelous skills for beauty. She has the code for decorating its surroundings. As the woman is the sign of delicacy, but this fact refers to her external and apparent face and in this way, she makes her surrounding beautiful like her.


She is involved in a number of relations which she has to sustain ever in one way or the else. As a daughter, she is the honor of her parents. She makes her parent’s home a paradise with her ethics and makes them proud. She becomes an essential part for the completion of her parent’s paradise. As a sister, she is the strength of her brothers. She stands by her brothers through thick and thin.


After this, when she enters the relation of wife, she has to face more trials because now she has become the honor a new family especially of her husband. She becomes his vigor and changes his life as well. Then she becomes a mother and gives rise to a new world full of variations and colors. In fact, a woman is the real architect of the world.