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Now a days we heard about the women rights on almost every channel . Both electronic and print media of Pakistan  focusing this issue on regular intervals . Specially those women who is from any (N G O ) speak or try to speak louder than other giving impression to general public as she is the champion of women rights . there are many NGOs working currently in Pakistan they have many slogans on this issue all of them try to cover every aspect of women rights . but it is the general opinion of public that these NGOs have vested interest having the foreign agenda . they take aids  from developed countries but some time not a single piny is used for this purposes.   

                                                             This shows that the whole game is revolving around corruption. think if their is no corruption then where is the progress and we known that women rights are still a burning issue every now and than we heard about the ACID throwing, murders etc.Government must consider this a serious issue and take steps against those corrupt NGOs Who exploit our issue and digested all money in actually which is the money of poor women  of Pakistan yet some NGOs showed good performance on the issue of women rights . Constitution of Pakistan gives proper  rights to women their are the laws on women rights but the actual problem is of implementation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            











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