Work Life Balance

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How many times in your working life have you come across this ideal “work life balance”.  I remember when my then company tried to make it a slogan a while either to advertise that the company takes care of their employees or perhaps to score high in employee survey.  Whatever the reason, it worked for a while but then of course employees would realize too soon after the survey is done the old routine kicks in.

Work Life Balance is a great idea, it will improve the way we live our lives, remember we only live once and there is no replay or rewind so we should make the most of it.  Unfortunately we spend most of the time at work. So where’s the balance in that? If we enjoy what we do, then somehow the burden is lesser but if we don’t? Then we die early and frustrated about life!

There was a time I try to manage my time and complete tasks as fast as I can so I can get out of the office on time.  The problem is my boss always stays late and if I go before him I would feel like I was doing a half day work, so most of the time I would end up staying longer in the office as well. To cut the story short I have more work, no life and it is totally out of balance!

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