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(Photo captured from bitlanders website and edited for this blog)

Before going to start my today`s topic I wanna introduce myself. This is Waqar Ahmed Sheikh with my internet nick name (Ajnabiashna), I am from Karachi, Pakistan, and this is my second active week at bitlanders. Yes I am also a newbie for bitlanders, so I don`t have much experience and knowledge to share. This thing will surprise you that if I don`t have knowledge then why I am wasting your time :P Well the Reason behind to choose this topic is not only that I wanna write my first blog for bitlanders but also I wanna discuss here those light and tinny things that newbies are facing here, I personally experience these things and also users from global chat showing that they are on same stage.

The first thing I wanna tell to newbies that don’t be so much confuse to use and start bitlanders or any other site, there are many tutorials and help based articles already on internet and in site to help you in simple way, every website have FAQ portion to answer your Questions, also other old users made video based tutorials to help newbies, you should search and visit those tutorials for better standing. At Bitlanders website you have two persons to help One  @micky-the-slanted-salerno and second Hilary.

Now I wanna share my personal experience to use bitlanders.  I joined bitlanders before two years but unfortunately after sing up I have not visited this website again. Many newbies are doing the same thing, they joined but don`t know what to do and how to do. It will better if they search for tutorials. Two weeks before when I was checking old emails, I found the welcome email from bitlanders and visited here. I just started in randomly without any willing to earn something or etc, but only in two days it attracts me, and I discover this web site is also a great opportunity to earn some money from internet to be socialize that we are doing already at other social websites, but they are not paying us. It was a great idea to earn money to be socialized. We may utilize our time to earn here instead of wasting at other social sites.

So I just start properly and got a good result only in 10 days. I mean it is not a big earning from my side in 10 days but hopefully if I will work hard and follow the websites rules and instruction I will easily reach to the level when my daily earning reached to minimum $1 to $2 (remember the minimum cash out amount is $10 only). This is the amazing thing that website give you daily rewards for logged in, if you login daily and have some “Buzz” you will be rewarded behalf on those BUZZ. So if you are too much active and earn more buzz here you may earn more daily rewards too.. also you may earn tinny bitmiles for your activity too.  Just visit the LEADER BOARD page and observe how much daily earnings they are collecting from their daily reward. it will also motivate you to earn from here. See the picture



In this image you will find top earners with latest daily earnings. At first position @JEAN-BELTRAN daily earning showing 7,221.208 BM, do you know what its mean? Its mean that she is earning $7.22 daily, (Ohh my God its mean $216.6 in a month) wow, It is so amazing. And this is not enough this earning will be increase in daily basis activity and buzz score. I love it. at 2nd position you will find @SHARON-LOPEZ, her earnings are $5.51 daily. Sharon is very good and helping member of this site, She wrote many informative blogs about bitlanders and blogging. I am telling you about the users just because this is social plate form, and you will be paid to be socialize, It will a helpful act when you visit other members profiles, if you find them interesting just subscribe them and also visit their posts and find them worthy then appriciate them to give a buzz, (a buzz just same as FB likes. you will find buzz button in the end of every post).

For your info I wanna add here that BM is the basic unit to calculate your earnings, they called bitMiles Loyalty Points (BM), remember 1 bm is just a unit, to earn $1 you have to collect 1,000,000bm=1gbm. Don`t be hesitate from this figure, if you login daily and have 100buzz you will easily collect $1 daily reward (Approx.)

For better understanding to know about bitmiles loyalty points visit here:

 I wanna shre some screen shots of my daily earnings here,

 Daily earning to reach 7 days in a row.tutorial

 (Pic captured by printscreen option from original website)

here are the screen shots of 15 january (8th day), 18 january, 19 january and 21 january.




(Pic captured by printscreen option from original website)

Have you noticed the difference of daily earnings? after 18 january my daily earnings are reduce but at 21 january it increase again. Just because I lost some BUZZ during those days, so it is totally depends on your activity and your buzz score to get higher bonus and rewards. If you have more buzz you will get more reward if you lost your BUZZ and not log in daily you will lost your daily rewards and also reduce your daily earnings too.

This picture shows my position at learder board.


(Pic captured by printscreen option from original website)

Your position depends on your daily Earnings and buzz score, if you have more buzz then defiantly your daily earnings increase day by day, so same your position will be better too.

This is not the end of this topic, It is just the first part of my blog, I will discuss more valuables with newbies in second part of this Blog, because this is not possible for me to put too much info in my first blog. I am also a newbie dear :P

For better understanding to use bitlanders website, I am writing second part of this blog,

Wish you good luck for your earnings.

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