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Barcelona: Mobile phone design is said about the lack of creativity in them and that is why smartphones are not rectangular, but the recent Mobile World Congress was a virgin mobile design is renown in the coastal fringe Round Rock is like.

This mobile phone round shape American company munuauhm, which is designed inspired by old-fashioned pocket watch is made. Its design is similar to the traditional compass is easily in the palm. He slipped the phone back cover and design from the blast. This wood, copper, tin, ceramic and plastic are available in various metals and stuffing. The Firefox OS, a charging port and camera and folded pocket watch chain also may be like. Bluetooth Earpiece for calls directly from it can be linked to the invention, rnsybl 'is named.

The aim of this clock is that the traditional smartphone screaming and I will bear it away. It does not frequent Facebook and Twitter alerts. As their activity increases on social sites and it tells you. 12 associated with the same contact is possible. 'Rnsybl I aygz' Easter are many hidden features that the software they provide entertainment. The very reasonably priced mobile phone 600dollars have been allocated which become in PKR61000/- only.

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