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What your Book is about ?

What you are examining to tell the story is theme. usually most of books have more than one theme, but if you have one theme and another subsidiary themes is good idea and easier to write. A novel’s main theme is not necessarily the same for every reader, everyone has particular themes that resonate very powerfully with them. A novel could be about one thing while actually being about something else. for example the Remains of the Day may be read as a tale of one man’s blind-ness to his situation, but it may also be seen as an allegory for society as a whole. having them ensures that your novel is about something. You’r theme don’t need to have earth-shattering events, reading your book could be wasting of time, 

Example of theme :

Beauty of simplicity

Evils of racism


Change of power - necessity

Facing darkness

Isolationism - hazards

Dangers of ignorance

Facing reality

Lost love

Darkness and light

Heroism – real and perceived

Love and sacrifice

Death – inevitable or tragedy

Hierarchy in nature

Man against nature


Illusion of power

Power and corruption


The reason you write your story ? 

If you like the novel’s purpose you need a premise, because that tells you that you have a story. Ask yourself what you are trying to show in the story ? Premise is about cause and effect. You have a story in which your characters are involved in conflict and come to a conclusion : things happen as a result of other things happening. A story without premise is like a care without an engine. A novel doesn’t seek to prove what may be called a universal truth. For example, a novel can’t persuade you that it is always wrong to kill people. A novel can only tell you that It is wrong to kill people in the situation described in this novel. 

The basic premise of "The Wizard of Oz" is this – a teenage girl gets lost in a storm and wants to find her way home. seems pretty simple, boring actually, doesn’t it? At least it gives us the who of the story, what happens to her, and what she’s going to try to achieve by the end of it.

A novel that’s really about something can change the way you see the world, change the way you think, and change your life. 


The Story should matter 

Whatever you write should matter, if it doesn’t matter to the characters, it isn’t going to matter to the reader. Exteranal Threat is when character is under a very obvious threat. danger of losing their lives, their house, their livelihood or their best friend.Intrenal Importance is the reason why stories can work even when nothing much happens. 

Explaning your concept in 30 seconds to persuade a publisher the he or she should read your book and spend their good money to buy your novel and  then spend a chunk of their short time on this earth reading it. 

The pieces of your story need to be related to each other like your spine is related to your ribs, they are similar in content and they’re all necessary. You should find which bit of your novel is the bit that holds everything up, the bit without which everything else is just a heap of disconnected stuff ?



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