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This week we are participating in the Valparaiso Film Lab. called "CHACALAB", this is a formation and industry instance that has for main objective the interaction between the national filmmakers. It has an instance for filmmakers to develop a short film in one week and another instance for industry and film distribution.

In this occasion we were selected through our project "Yellow Apples" to be part in the industry section and our team member Francisca Cabezas joined the event. Along all this week we are going to have one to one meetings, pitching instances and many other that could help us to move in a smart way our short film work.

One of the most interesting things about "CHACAL" project, is that all the activities are in Valparaiso city, that gives an incredible environment to develop and share projects. Another important point is that the program is also for international filmmakers, so I invite you to submit for the next year calling and maybe we can meet there!!

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