E3 2018

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E3 2018 is almost here, Just a few weeks away,


For folks that don't know, E3 is a videogame convention in Los Angeles during June 11th to the 13th,

It is where top gaming icons compete for the ongoing console wars between "Sony" "Microsoft" And "Nintendo" as they announce upcoming games and products for the year or coming years.

Sony has the PlayStation 4, Microsoft has Xbox, And the Nintendo has the Nintendo Switch,

I'm mostly excited to see if they announce a new Halo or Gears of war but if it's not much in terms of news I might be persuaded to go to a ps4 in the future.

Gamers are very hyped for this godly convention, Some have doubts and some have faith in their chosen company, And a lot of fans will be at war with eachother depending on which console they support.

Yeah E3 is usually a lot of marketing banther but it's a very important event for gamers and developers alike.

Usually it's really early in the morning when watching it myself as I'm in Canada and theres a 3 hour time difference between here and cali,

Though I'm an xbox fan through and through, I hereby say good luck to all the companies this year and hope we get our socks knocked off and a bloody nose while were at it!

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