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By this days we are closing the post-production of our new short film “Yellow Apples” and also giving the last details to our distribution plan for this project.

As you know, a movie poster or an iconic image is always really important for a cinematographic project and this short is not the exception. For a couple weeks we are discoussing about which will be the perfect poster for our project.

This situation made us discuss a lot of options and sometimes really frustrate me because now I´m in charge of the design. This last week we got a strong argument with my producer because we have a complete different point of view about movie posters.

For her a movie poster is a strong marketing and promotional material that should give a 360 degrees view of the project. Sometimes she made the relation with the actors and the conlict too.

For me a movie poster is something that should give a first aproach to a movie, even if is really different in the vissual way and doesn´t shows the actors. For me the movie poster is a piece itself and it should show a feeling about the movie, and, with that give the first approach to the audience.

I think we both have reason and I´m not sure if we are going to find a solution soon.

What do you think about movie posters and its function?

Thanks for reading!!

Unmasking the process of one of our possible posters:

 Some samples of the possibilities that we have:


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