“Yellow Fever” May Not Be a Negative Concept

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For a longtime, “yellow fever” is highly negative and racist term in my opinion, and in many people’ minds. First, yellow fever is associate with a disgusting acute viral hemorrhagic disease. Socially, or in the dating scene, it is referred to the non-asian men who get attracted to Asian women exclusively and in a fetish way. To me, this term emphasize the RACE too much, and in the strong tone of fetish, because it materializes the SKIN COLOR. In general, I had no good feeling about this term at all before I heard a new explanation on “yellow fever”.

A friend of mine told me that he thought yellow fever is more of a positive and complimentary concept. He is my good friend and I always respect his insights.

In his belief, yellow fever is way of expressing the appreciation of the all the good traits of Asian women and the Asian culture and traditions. People like Asian girls’ soft skin, thick black hair, gentle, polite, sweet personalities etc. (btw, among all the traits, soft skin and sweet personality are the keys), and they get attracted by the Asian girls who have those traits exclusively. Yellow fever in his mind is about the attraction of the WHOLE PACKAGE of a girl from inside out, rather than just about the skin color. There is no racist hint behind the term, just for expressing how much men are attracted to Asian women.

Well, people have different ways of perceiving the concept, I believe some western guys may still have the fetish thoughts in various degree, there is nothing wrong with that, and I give them my understandings, but I am so happy to see the perception of this concept changes and evolves in a positive way. Also, asian girls maybe want to think of if sometimes they are over-sensitive to the race issue, because I am gonna confess here that I was one of the Ms. Over-reactives to the “yellow fever” before I heard the new perception.

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