You can drink your urine

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Have you ever thought about drinking your urine? Probably not... But some people do as, in their opinion, it is quiet healthy. I don't really think so, but some hidden facts about what urine really is do exist. Today I will reveal some of them... I truly hope that this blog post will end up somewhat new for Film Annex, because according to my research such topics were not covered or discussed by anyone. Let's begin.


The Truth About Urine is... 
Urine normally either doesn't have at all or has a very weak smell. 
Diabetics' urine smells sweet (just like a candy); it is all because of excess sugar. Doctors tasted urine in the past in order to diagnose diabetes. 
Pay attention to what you actually eat. Depending on which food you consume you may notice the changes of your urine. Check your urine color after you eat Asparagus. Yeah, it is among the most notorious foods. What you smell in the bathroom is called methyl mercaptan. 
Indicate your health by checking the color and smell of your urine. Also, feel free to go to the bathroom as often as you need it. Some people take bathroom breaks 6-8 times a day. It all depends on your bladder. Some people inherit over active ones. Never delay urination. It can be problematic. The bladder stretches and then contracts repeatedly, but eventually it can stretch too much to bounce back. I wish you would never experience a chronic emptying problems.
Who if not you should take care of your bladder. It's your best friend, and you should respect it by taking a good care of it. In return, it will help you stay healthy and urinate regularly.
Never hold it in! Go to the bathroom as soon as you feel the urge! Nothing can compare to your health (even a very important meeting)!
Stay healthy with Kostia Polzunkov, and don't drink to much before you go to bed... Think of your little friend that has to hold all that stuff... I sincerely wish you good luck. Subscribe, if you like what I am writing for you.

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