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     New generations are often accused to be self absorbed and motivated by the Me, Me, Me philosophy of life. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram flourished off the concept of personal content and self promotion, cell phone companies have dedicated sections to “Selfies” and millions of selfies sticks are sold all over the World. Those new generations of digital natives are learning from the World of advertising, where brands only talk about themselves, allowing very little space for people to share their thoughts, passions and skills.

     Sadly, both people and brands are having monologues. Constructive, direct conversations are seldom and often left to third party social media platforms which gather personal data and monetize it without sharing any benefits with the people they gather it from. The trend is reversing, people and brands are re-evaluating their perspective abandoning traditional social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

     Programmatic advertising and behavioral research driven by cookies, big data quantitative research, are all based on studying people's behaviors without a direct conversation, without a transparent relationship; could we say that brands are spying on us? This is damaging the brands' image and perception, forcing people to arm themselves of ad-blockers and utilize ad-free networks with strict privacy rules of engagement.

     At MTI we decided to take a very different approach on this matter and introduced tools that allow brands and people to focus on the other side of relationship, from the Me, Me, Me to the You, You, You.

“You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”
Dale Carnegie,
How to Win Friends and Influence People

      We created Chat platforms where people and brands can interact with qualitative conversations; both people and brands can ask questions, collect answers, reward people, identify advocates, and gather qualitative information in full transparency. People collect the rewards when they validate their identity, they are compensated with loyalty rewards that can be redeemed with cash, gift cards and special event opportunities, the brand can than collect the data and improve its services, products and understanding of the market, the brand can also identify brand ambassadors and educate the consumers; all is done in real time and without spying on them.

     People themselves can utilize this technology creating personal conversations and engaging others with intelligent and captivating questions fostering a two way conversation and exchange of rewards.

      Here's an overview of some the topics we are researching and working with on behalf of leading brands or individual people.
Here's how brands and people can monitor the data and information generated by the surveys.

     Visit our platform at bitmiles, register and create your account and start your first chat on what matters to you. Here are a few topics that matter to me:
GMRF, supporting children amputees, Digital Citizen Fund, supporting women digital literacy, Judo and Bitcoin, to name a few.

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Francesco Rulli

CEO of MTI USA inc.

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