Your "Buzz Bonus" + "base Buzz Score" = your total Buzz Score!

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What are the "base Buzz Score" and "Buzz Bonus"?

The Buzz Score contains 2 parts: the base Buzz Score and the Buzz Bonus

You can increase your "base Buzz Score" by posting blogs, microblogs, uploading videos, photos, buzz content etc, and "Buzz Bonus" is a temporary, additional bonus which adds to your base Buzz Score and it usually lasts for 1 day. (You can find  related information in the bitLanders FAQ page.)


What is your total Buzz Score and where do you see your "Buzz Bonus" and "base Buzz Score"?

Go to your personal page on bitLanders and click on "STATS", check out "Buzz Score Trend" graph: 

Blue color is your "base Buzz Score"; Orange color is your "Buzz Bonus"

So Blue + Orange = your total Buzz Score!!


Do you know how to obtain your "Buzz Bonus"?! check out this post


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