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Hi everybody!! One of the biggest cliches that you hear from artists, designers and writers is that they are always with his little sketchbook or notebook in order to put their ideas in the second that they appear. Well, maybe it can sound just as a cool phrase, but the fact is that this is really useful and also very important in the creative process.

The sketchbook or notebook is a tool to express yourself in a free way when you are having an idea, it doesn´t matter if you write, or you draw or even if you stick something, the main point is don´t forget what you were thinking in an specific moment at any place. You choose the size, the colors, or even you can make your own design in order to customize it. Even you can turn a office calendar book into a sketchbook or notebook.

This kind of notebooks sometimes is "secret" and just its owner knows what is inside, basically because you put the ideas that are just begging to appear, and when you show the results usually you show the final draft, design or text. It´s a good exercise to compare the sketchbook drawing or note with the final result of that idea, that really makes you feel proud of the work that you make, it doesn´t matter if it´s a great art work or something simple, the important thing it the work between those to moments.

By this days if you use the tag #moleskine on Tumblr you are going to find a lot of work of different kind of people, some from artists and also from common people that use it as a free way to express themselves. Please don´t think that this is to promote the brand of this tag, this is just to show you some good examples in a graphic way, as I told you, you can turn any notebook into a sketchbook or notebook.

So! if you want, try to make one sketchbook and put your ideas in a paper, it a really incredible exercise!!

A couple days ago I bought my new sketchbook!! :)

Thanks again for reading!!


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