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Hi, My name is Choo Bin Yong. I have been making movies since 2005. I started with making flash animations and really love the audiences' feedback for them. I just love seeing the reaction and feeling the anticipation.

Gradually i wanted to be better. I applied to a art school and majoring in 3d animation. In my final year, i managed to win a few awards with my 3d animation film.

Now, i am working as a full-time freelancer so as to have the freedom and time to continue making films and movies. I am blessed to live in this condition but i am hoping that my films can funds me to continue my goals.

Please Enjoy my films and leave some feedback!


Crowbar Award for 3d animation
Crowbar Award for Film Craft
14th Digicon 2012 top 10
Dailymotion Featured.

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