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My first work in the movie industry was making special FX and compositing on "The Maiden and the wolves", a French movie by Gilles Legrand, in 2007.

Then, I co-directed "Bave Circus" in 2008, a short animated film which was screened in a lot of festivals worldwide. It won the special Jury Award at the China International Cartoon and Digital Art Festival in Beijing.

I now work at Ankama Animtions in Roubaix, France, where I first worked on compositing in a famous french animated TV Series, Wakfu. I was editor on some other projects, and assistant director too.
I now work as a director on the brand new animated TV series, not aired yet.

Besides, I work as an independant director, working mainly in animation, creating animated credits for TV Shows, directing short-movies... The last one was an animated short web-documentary about the working conditions at Foxconn, chinese manufacturer for Apple and other electronic brands.

I'll be shooting a new short-movie in march, in Lille, France, which should be released in the beginning of this summer.