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A Fox pilot was my very first time on set as a Key PA. The first day had 35 little kids ( under age 7) to shoot and almost twice that many parents.

Since then I have done Line producing/1st ADing/Producing/casting/script supervising/Craft services director/bottle washer and cook in the indie film world. I know all about working through the night to beat Texas July heat for cheap studio rates and 17 hour days up to my knees in mud and freezing rain.

Immortal U is the story of Immortals who race against the clock to help ordinary people become immortal in order to save humanity from Earth changing calamities.

In order to survive continual geological changes, due to a distressed Earth, people must erase third dimensional, erroneous notions of duality and time to tap into buried human potential. Immortals pose as lab assistants in a clinical research facility in order to identify and foster Latents, individuals with hidden immortal abilities. The Control Faction is developing schemes to poison, embezzle or enslave the world’s population and intent on eliminating the immortals. But can they succeed?