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I grew up in Southern IL. I had a kind and loving mother and father. My father had a bit of a split personality. He let a homeless man stay with us. One time he brought 2 Mormon missionaries home with him. I still remember them and their names. My dad fought the Japanise over in the Phillipines in world war II. Both my mom and dad are deceased now. I love them and miss them. I love to make short movies with others free to use images and videos. I made 2 movies where I'm narrating a story and I used photos & music to create the short film. I'm an entrepreneur trying to make money online. I'm a lover of the arts! Want to be friends here on filmannex just message me. Thanks.

I like to make short videos and upload them to my Youtube channel. I think Film Annex is great. Also I like to write poems, poetry and songs. I love rap music especially songs that aren't vulgar.