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Born and raised in Philadelphia until the age of five, Mark came from a creative family. He was always making "light" of himself and spreading cheer as much as possible.

“Mark was always trying to make people laugh. He had too because his home life growing up was terrible. His outlet was to be a clown and make others laugh. To this day, I still think back and chuckle.” states childhood friend Scott Schubert.

In the meantime, Mark has enjoyed acting in film and has stepped up his goals and drive to become a truly awesome actor. He has been in many independent films playing all types of roles from a lawyer, doctor, serial killer, father he has great range be it a comedy, horror, action or drama.

Says Mark, "I love to act because it is a true form of escapism when I can actually step into someone's life and become that person.", "I was always clowning around, trying to make people laugh and truly love to perform, especially in front of a camera." Mark can be reached through V & S Talent below.

V&S Talent Group - 1.877.353.8361 - -