Buster Keaton in Seven Chances

Uploaded on Monday 4 August 2014


In these comedy Buster Keaton is Jimmy Shannon a partner of a Broker firm Meekin and Shannon that is fallen in ruins. A Lawyer finally manges to inform him that he will win & Millon Dollars that is on his GrandFather will if he married by 7:00 p.m. on his 27th birthday that is on the same day.
So Shannon imediately goes to talk with hes girlfriend, Mary Jones, that accepts his proposal but when she knows for what reason he wants to marry she left him.
He have to return to the Country Club to say the news to the Lawyer and hes firm partner. Mekkin then persuades Shannon to go to find another woman to marry and save both for the ruin or to be in jail. Jimmy looks on the dinner room club and finds ther seven woman and none of them wants him, so in desesperation he tries to every woman that he across and he finally find one that agrees but she is underage and her mother see her and takes her away. Meanwhile Mary´s Mother say to her reconsider and write a letter to be deliver by a messager to Jimmy.
On the same time Jimmy is trying another strategy putting an advertisement on the newspapaer saying the history and that the woman who wants to marry him to go to the church at 5:00 PM and a huge amount of womans goes there, when they see Jimmy begins a fight to marry him. The clergyman appears and say that he believes it all to be a practical joke and aal the women are fourious with Jimmy that at the same time receives the letter of Mary from the messager and have to run away with a lot of girls trying to catch him. He manages to escape and goes to Mary house but when he arrives the Meekin said that he is too late but Mary still wants to marry him. So they wed and when they lives Jimmy looks to the watch church and it seems that the Meekin cock was too fast and they marry just in time.


Language: Silent

Country: United States

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