Jerry Stadtmiller Forgiveness

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"In 1967, Jerry Stadtmiller left the University and joined the USMC -- he volunteered. After Boot Camp and AIT, he went to Vietnam and joined "L" Co 3/4. He was an 0311---a Grunt. After tasting the full horror of killing and the ugliness of War in a few short weeks, on June 15th 1968, in the hills overlooking Khe Sahn, his position was overrun and he was shot point blank twice with an AK47 through the right side of his face. These wounds left him 95 % blind, with a slight pre-frontal brain injury, 2/3rds of his teeth missing, 1/3 rd of his tongue gone and he had no sense of smell. It is a miracle that Jerry survived. His buddies Mac and Bobby did not--they are on the Wall...

He was, and I believe remains, the most seriously wounded Marine treated at Balboa. He has persevered through score of operations and surgical procedures. What is the miracle of all this is that he remains open and trusting and available to life and his life honors and bestows great respect on those who now are on our Wall..."

(this is an excerpt from the speech delivered by Jack Lyon, a Marine platoon commander in Vietnam who received the Silver Star, Purple Heart, Navy Commendation with Combat V and the Vietnam Cross of Gallantry delivered for Jerry's retirement party. (The City of San Diego honored Jack with the 2014 Keith M Turnham Humanitarian Award)

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