Uploaded on Monday 1 January 2007


The setting of the film is Ancient India, almost 500 years back, before the existence of the rubber eraser. A very talented sketch artist receives a commission from the Prime Minister.
He is told to remake the sketch by the next day. In his nervousness to please the Prime Minister, he gets clumsy and spills milk on the sketch. The looming deadline doesn’t help his nerves and he makes mistake after mistake, ruining the half completed sketch each time. Now he is frustrated and scared. At this juncture his friend, a scientist decides to help him. After a lot of trial and error the scientist accidentally comes across a substance that can erase lead marks from parchment- the rubber eraser. Meanwhile, the artist is summoned to the king’s court and finds himself in trouble! Will his friend the scientist reach him on time with his miraculous discovery and keep him form going to the gallows? Find out in Kalakaar’, a delightful, silent, B/W film!


Language: Silent

Length: 12 min

Country: India