Renderyard - Short Film Review #1

Uploaded on Sunday 22 June 2014


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Hey guys, you're watching Renderyard reviews. I'm your host Henry Hodge. You can check out my action comedy VFX videos that release every single Monday by clicking in the description. This week's video comes from the user Genesis Flux with a film called Ante.

This film just took me away, the story is simply fantastic. It's a suspenseful thriller about two guys who get themselves in a near death confrontation. Click in the description to view the video, and enjoy the review! So what makes the film good? Well, first of all the story was really strong, and that's you know, arguably the most powerful part of a film, so they got that right. But to compliment that, the editing was absolutely flawless and the best part is that it was appropriate. It wasn't overdone, it was done where necessary and it was absolutely impressive. They didn't try to pull off anything they couldn't do and didn't do anything too extreme. The lighting was low key, really nice and controlled with different colours. This meant it gave a very mysterious feel to the film.

One really powerful part of the film is at the beginning where the mysterious man walks in and if you notice he has his back to the camera almost the whole time at the beginning of the film. And this is really good because it kind of builds that sense of foreboding and mystery and just really drawn me in! With that being said the performance was really, really good, I really enjoyed it and the sounds was also really, really good and appropriate. And they added very nice sound effects for example when one of the actors turned his head they added a swoop sound and I want to say that I actually enjoyed the younger guy's tie. Well that's all for this week's review, stay tuned in for next week's, I'm your host Henry Hodge and thanks for watching.


Language: English

Country: United Kingdom