Uploaded on Monday 1 January 2007


An old man, “Mr. Mahichi" tells us the story of his familiarity with “cinema."

He is a lonely old person who works in water ways. Every day he goes to an old woman's home through these canals. They have a friendly relationship. Every day “Mr. Mahichi” sings for the old lady’s canary and comes back to his house. “Mr. Mahichi`s neighbor” is an old carriage driver. He is single too. They go to their work together every day. One day, Mr. Mahichi finds a baby and gives her to the old woman. They are happy of this event and decide to bring up the baby together. But one day the police come and takes the baby away. He kills himself.
But at the end we see “Mr. Mahichi," who sits near the film group and reads the film credits.


Language: English

Length: 35 MIN

Country: Iran, Islamic Republic of